Meyer, S. (2007). Eclipse. New York, NY: Little Brown.
2008 YALSA Teen Top Ten
Interest Level: YA
Genre: Fantasy
Subjects: Vampires, High school, teenagers, friendship, family, werewolves, supernatural, magic
Twilight Saga:
1 – Twilight
2 – New Moon
3 – Eclipse
4 – Breaking Dawn

Who would you choose?

In this third book of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, by Stephanie Meyer, we find Bella Swan discussing with her father the series of murders that have taken place in Seattle, the biggest town near Forks, where Bella and Charlie live.  As we have learned in the previous two books, Edward is a vampire and Jacob a werewolf; the two are historically bitter enemies.  In Seattle, Victoria, a vampire that had a run-in with the Cullen family in the previous book, is creating a new vampire army, with newly-turned vampires.  Her goal is to eliminate Bella and possibly the Cullen family.  Both Jacob and Edward tell Bella about Victoria returning to the Northwest and she was looking for ways to hurt Bella.  Both the Quileute clan werewolves and the Cullen family are on the lookout for Victoria and her new army.  Although there are many trust issues between the Cullens’ and the werewolf pack, they do make a pact to protect Bella and their territory from the newly made vampire army.  They develop a strategy in how to deal with these new vampires when the attack, for Alice Cullen, Edward’s sister and someone who has the ability to see into the future, sees the attack coming.

When Victoria comes for Bella, discovering where she had been hiding, Edward fights with her, killing her, while Seth, one of Jacob’s pack, kills Riley, a vampire from Victoria’s army.  The Volturi, elder vampires that live in Italy, come to Forks, to take care of the newborn “army”.  While there, they discover that Bella has still not been turned to be a vampire, something that was promised in the previous book.  Bella tells Jane, one of the Volturi, that her date for her “change” has been made and will happen.  They will get married first, and then she will be turned by Edward.  At the end of the book, they agree on this and decide to inform Charlie that they are going to get married.  The final words are of Jacob, distressed, depressed, and angry, that Bella had chosen Edward and not him.

The main protagonist, Bella Swan is a high school senior who is in love with a vampire, and also a werewolf.  Her conflict gets resolved during the course of the book, with her deciding on Edward to be with. Edward Cullen, the vampire in Bella’s life, Edward can read the mind of almost all people, but not Bella’s.  He organizes the coalition between the Cullen family vampires and the Quileute werewolf pack to protect Bella and the surrounding community where both co-exist.  By the end of this book, Edward will be marrying Bella and helping her become a vampire as well. Jacob Black, the werewolf who also falls in love with Bella, but is unable to convince her to leave Edward for him.  Jacob is not the leader of the werewolves, but speaks often for them. He is injured in the fight to protect Bella from the newborn vampire army. Charlie Cullen, Bella’s father, also the sheriff of Fork.  Although Bella did not live with him for much of her growing up, he is very protective of his daughter while she is now living with him in Fork. Victoria is the vampire that is angered that the Cullens, in a previous book, defended Bella and killed her companion.  She starts attacking individuals in the Seattle area with the intent of creating a newborn vampire army, hungry for the blood of others.  It is Victoria’s goal to kill Bella and destroy the Cullens, of which she is not successful. Alice Cullen, “sister” of Edward, not by birth, but by joining the Cullen family.  Alice has the ability to see into the future.  She is actually mated with Jasper, another one of the Cullen clan. And, the Volturi, are the ancient group of vampires that reside in Italy and rule over the vampire world.  They are very powerful and make decisions, when the want to, on the fate of those related to vampires. They come to Fork to help eliminate the newborn vampire army.

Stephanie Meyer’s Eclipse flows well with the story started in the previous two books (Twilight, New Moon) of the Twilight Saga.  The tale picks up right away and leaves the reader waiting for the final book (Breaking Dawn).  There is much made of the relationships in the book, of Edward and Bella, Jacob and Bella, and the interactions of the vampires and werewolves.  One can feel the emotions of the moment in the content as it is well described and written. If you enjoyed Vampire High by Douglas Rees, Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan, City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, Vampire Rising by Jason Henderson, or just about any supernatural living dead stories then Eclipse from the Twilight Saga is a must read.

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