Merlin: The Complete First Season (film review)

Posted: November 20, 2012 in LIBR 264 - Materials for Tweens, Tween Books
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Capps, J. (Producer), Jones, J. (Producer), Michie, J. (Producer), Murphy, J. (Producer). Fraiman, E. (Director), Hawes, J. (Director), Moore, D. (Director), Orme, S. (Director), & Webb, J. (Director). (2010). Merlin: The complete first season [TV series]. United Kingdom: BBC Worldwide America.
Interest Level: YA
Genre: Fantasy
Subjects: Merlin, King Arthur, Camelot, Magic England, Action & Adventure
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 59
Season 1 Episodes:
1 – The dragon’s call
2 – Valiant
3 – The Mark of Nimueh
4 – The Poisoned Chalice
5 – Lancelot
6 – A Remedy to Cure All Ills
7 – The Gates of Avalon
8 – The Beginning of the End
9 – Excalibur
10 – The Moment of Truth
11 – The Labyrinth of Gedref
12 – To Kill the King
13 – Le morte d’Arthur

“In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin.” – The Dragon

Merlin, a popular BBC TV series (aired on Syfy in the USA) is a hit with tween and young adults alike. It revolves around the adventures of the young Merlin and relationship with Prince Arthur, heir to the throne at Camelot in the mythical Kingdom of Albion. Still, this is not the typical Merlin-Arthur legend.

Young Merlin is a teenager, discovering and then learning to master his magical gift. Magister Gaius, King Uther Pendragon’s court physician to whom he’s assigned as humble page, teaches him medicine, coaches his magical self-study, and warns him of King Uther’s strong aversion to magic. Merlin becomes a servant to the noble but arrogant crown prince, Arthur after saving his life from a sorceress bent making Uther suffer for the loss of her son whom he executed for having magical abilities. Both Merlin and Prince Arthur’s fates is linked with Merlin like two sides of the same coin as he is told by the last dragon held captive by King Uther.

Merlin is played by Colin Morgan is the awkward and lovable warlock in training. The Dragon voiced by John Hurt offers constant advice to Merlin as well as making him aware of his destiny. Arthur Pendragon played by Bradley James. Gaius the court physician is played by Richard Wilson and secret magical art teacher of Merlin. Nimueh, the sorceress determined to exact revenge for the terror Uther exacted on those with Magic after he blamed magic for the death of his wife is played by Michelle Ryan. Mordred, the young Druid boy and prophesied to be Merlin’s nemesis is played by Asa Butterfield. And, Gwen, Morgana’s servant is played by Angel Coulby. Morgana, King Uther’s ward is played by Katie McGrath, and Uther Pendragon is played by Anthony Head

This series will appeal to those of all ages and age appropriate for all. Merlin is a new fantasy, action-adventure drama series that reinvents the story of the English Arthurian legend. Not only is this TV series about Merlin’s destiny, but that of the future king, Arthur. This legend has been slightly modernized with a multicultural cast and contemporary language. This new series adds new aspects to the legend such as Morgana as Uther’s ward, Gwen, the future queen, Merlin a warlock in hiding. The series is highly addicting and fast paced. The viewer will love re-watching the episodes over and over again along with the three newer seasons. If you enjoy myths, legends, medieval times, and magical shows BBC’s TV series Merlin will not disappoint. Even those that enjoyed Smallville’s coming of age story of Superman  and learning of his abilities will find similarities in the development of characters in the series Merlin.

  1. anthony adepetu says:

    have realy have a good time with merlin this move deserv award if it’s by voting i give my vote pls is season 5 the last season?

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